Mr Jeffrey Braithwate is an experienced and respected consultant Gynaecologist. His private practice is on the prestigious Harley Street, London. Jeffrey Braithwaite has over 25 years’ experience in the gynaecological and obstetrics field. He offers an unprecedented level of trust, professionalism and excellence.

Mr Braithwaite opened his private practice in 1997. This was after several years working with renowned London hospitals including The Royal Free Hospital. His practice has established a prestige in the gynaecological and obstetrics field.

His reputation is built upon patient recommendations. This is thanks to his personalised and professional approach. Mr Braithwaite is aware of the sensitive nature of this field. He endeavours to make his clients feel comfortable and assured.

The practice provides a full range of gynaecological services. Each client’s tailored experience meets their exact needs. From one-off consultations through to full courses of treatment and care. Mr Braithwaite is qualified to administer ultrasound scans, and can perform these in any routine appointment. This avoids any delays or the need for referrals.

Preventative care is essential in this field. Practices include routine health assessments, annual health checks and well woman check-ups. Additionally, contraceptive advice is available including fitting of the Mirena coil. Routine Smear tests and full blood panel results are often used by Mr Braithwaite. If required, referrals can be made for mammograms and ultrasound scans.  Additionally, Mr Braithwaite is well accustomed to administering colposcopies. These can performed at short notice in his Harley Street Clinic.

Fertility investigations are common in Mr Braithwaite’s gynaecological practice. Techniques include transvaginal scans, anti-mullerian hormone test (AMH), follicle tracking and artificial insemination. Early stage advice for those wishing to get pregnant is available, and if required referrals for IVF and sperm analysis. Mr Braithwaite has excellent colleagues who specialise in and administer IVF treatments.

Mr Braithwaite has extensive experience in obstetrics. He no longer delivers babies, but can offer a valued second opinion and advise on methods of delivery. He can assist with your first early pregnancy scan through to your post-natal check up.

Other specialisms include:

Patients must be over the age of 18 to see Mr Braithwaite. Appointments can be made by contacting us on 020 7224 5292 or get in touch here 

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